Friday, August 5, 2011


Buenos Tardes Amigos!

Ahhh what a journey life is!

(Gary says I need to be in bed by 11 so that would mean I have 2 minutes to write this.... Ha ha, this might be one of those times where I don't listen to him.:)

So a quick recap on our trip and time here so far. We left Calgary Tuesday morning and had smooth travels for the most part. Alayna did real well, she's such a trooper. We had a stop in La Paz and with the Altitude being so high there she all of sudden turned all white and before I could think she threw up all over me, her and the seat... Poor girl, but we cleaned her up, gave her some meds and she bounced back in no time.

We arrived in Bolivia on Wednesday morning (tired as could be) to brisk temperatures of 12 degrees. Everybody was wearing scarfs, toque's and coats.... (I wished I had mine) but it has warmed up since then.

They have introduced us to many of the ministries here.... WOW the need is so, so huge here. We spent some time at the womens shelter today. My heart breaks for those girls. Sexual abuse is so awful here, its hard to stomach. The girls warmed up a bit to me today, its hard for them to trust anybody, so we're working on it slowly. (Reason why short term is not a good idea for places like that. They need stability).

As we go about the days and see all the different things, I find myself constantly thinking/questioning of whether or not I could be here long term. Thats a big question, so I'm going to try not to focus on that so much and just try and see what God has for us and have HIM guide my thoughts and direct my feelings in the right direction.

We are very well taken care of as for lodging and food ect. So thankful for that!

We have sensed all your prayers in a real, real way. Thank you and many blessings on you! A few things to keep in your prayers over the next couple days: Many of the kids here have chicken pocks, lice and worms. Please pray that we would not get them, especially Alayna. With the flight and changes Alayna has needed more formula then normal so we will run out of our Canadian formula sooner then expected, pray that the stuff we buy here would be ok for Alayna. Pray that we would be able to LOVE on all the people here in ways they need it. Pray also for me as I try and juggle Alayna and helping out where I can.

I better go because I'm not sure how much sense I am making at this point anymore.

I could write forever because there is truly so much going on here but that will come with time.

Hugs & Love,


  1. Oh! Sounds like you've had some busy days! I hope you'll get enough rest, and do God's wil;! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Thanks so much Brooke! You're a real sweetheart!