Monday, August 15, 2011

Taken back in time...

So we went to visit a family in one of the colonies and Gary's says it was like it was 1930 all over again. (I knew he was old, just not that old). And for me it felt just like home. :)

The colony that we visited is one of the most conservative colonies in Bolivia. They have no electricity, well they're not allowed to have light bulbs but they have solar panels and use that for "important" things like fridge ect. They drive horse and buggy and their tractors have metal wheels. They have carts to bring in the harvest, but it can only be hauled by the horses (not the tractor) because anything that makes life "easy" is against there religion. All these things are so strange to Gary. Although I never grew up this conservative, these "strange" rules are not foreign to me.

My favorite part was the sweet little grandma that lived there. She was a feisty one. Shortly after we got there the women went inside (the men stayed outside). So we asked little grandma how she was doing and she says "well I still live in this deep dark hole, so doing as always." I asked if she didn't like living there and I was hardly done talking and she says "NO! I hate it here." I had to giggle because she was so cute, but my heart broke for her. I asked why they still lived there and she says, "If I was single like my daughter, then I wouldn't be here but being as it is now, it seems I will die here." I understood it was her husband that did not want to leave. Later at faspa the men talked about moving ect. and I heard the old man say that if they were free to live where ever they wanted like we were they wouldn't live there. But since they were born into the colony they had no other choice, if they moved they had no chance of going to Heaven. (The chuch preaches that if they leave to go into the "world" they are forever condemned).

They were glad we came to visit, and sad when we left. There is so, so much work in those colonies.

We're spending a couple days in Santa Cruz to experience city life and working with the Boliviano's, totally enjoying it so far!

Today as we were having supper with the long term missionaries, we were saying how hard it is to try and figure out what ministry we may fit into if we came here. And they reminded us that we don't need to figure it all out now, but just have a willing heart and God will figure the rest out. Such a good reminder!

Until next time!

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