Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Muy cansado en Bolivia

One of these days I might get to blogging before 10pm so that I can actually function and think properly...

It's been a busy couple days for us... I am so ready for a day off and so is Alayna.

Yesterday we went to a Bible Study in one of the Colonies... We had Bible Study outside with one bulb going from a generator. This is for the people that are shunned from there community church and this is their only opportunity to share in the gospel with others. It was intense. There was so many kids there. Some that aren't shunned also come but they have to come after its dark so no one will see them come, because if they are caught they would also be shunned from the "camp" leaders. Because they are not to go to "wordly" people to learn about God.. It should only be taught by the Bishop in their church. But the have NOTHING and are so hungry for something that will bring them hope they will do anything to come. They LOVE to sing and listen with such intent to the Bible study.

My heart breaks for these people as they tell there stories.... You hear things that aren't even human in any way and these poor, poor souls endure it. Especially the women and girls.

I love that we can bring a bit of light to there day though. We brought our camera (which they rarely see) and we would take pics of the kids and show them and they would giggle and giggle. Hearing them laugh melted my heart. Even the moms would have to smile... So beautiful!

The other missionaries that we went to the Bible study with said that I looked like a hen with chicks, because from the moment that I greeted the little girls there they followed me where ever I went... They need so much love.

Today was CRAZY, the hardest day yet. We left for Santa Cruz at 7:30am and got home at 8pm. What a long hot day for poor little Alayna.:( But we made it and she is sounds asleep in her bed now.

We spent some time at the Orphanage and at 6 de Agosto (street full of menno's, great for ministry) I haven't had time to digest what I saw today so I will write about that once it's digested.

What I do know is that Santa Cruz has the best Chinese food and that you can fit all 3 Cools in a front Bucket seat of a taxis... First dad, then mom on top of dad then Alayna on top of mom. Only for a 20 min drive in CRAZY traffic, 35 degrees and BUMPY roads. It's really Not that bad!!! (yes God's hand of protection was over us)

I need to wrap it up for now, have a women's Bible Study at 9am tomorrow and I really can't keep my eyes open any longer.

Pray that as we have seen many different opportunities here and continue to see more that we would really sense where it is that God wants us.

It dawned on me today in a "NEW" way that my life and what I do really is not at all about me but completely about God and where her wants us.. (sigh) A good feeling but oh so hard....

Until next time,

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