Friday, July 16, 2010


If anyone is in need of some Hot weather, I know just the place to go! The first week of being In Japan it was still the rainy season so it was cloudy everyday and rained everyday, well lets just say that rainy season is now over! How do I know that you ask? Well we spent the day in Kyoto yesterday with +35 weather and 80% Humidity, for those of you that have never experienced such a thing let me tell you what that feels like.... Your whole body is sticky, and sweat runs down every where. It feels like you peed your pants all day and your hair looks like a giant frizz ball. Then all day you pray that where ever your going to spend the night will have AC, well some do and some don't! When they don't, you have a shower and start the whole sweating process over again as soon as you turn off the shower taps. And if they do you book it to your room with AC in hope that you won't be completely sweaty by the time you get to bed!:) It's really not that bad!!!
Everything makes up for the heat though. The last couple of days we have spent time with some amazing people. We have done ESL classes, shared our testimonies, done drimes and took part in a black gospel choir. Which was so amazing!! I want to stress it again, there are very few Christians in Japan, but the one's that are, are legit! And I love it.
I still don't understand why everyone loves white people so much and why they want to be like us so bad. When walking down the street, Gary & Judson will randomly get asked if they can have pictures with them. Because there white tall and from Canada! We get treated with serious respect every where we go. Gary and I are staying at a little church in Amagasaki for a couple days now and the rest of the team is with Host homes and the shower us with food and gifts where ever we go. The fridge in this little church can not hold any more food and still everyday some body comes and puts more in there. All of this makes me think, what has happened to the Canadian/American culture!? I mean we're nice, but nothing compared to this!:)
Today and tomorrow are pretty packed for us. Today we have 2 English classes and a party in the evening. At the party we sing and do drimes and play games with the community people. These are really good out reach programs because 90% of the people that come are not Christian. Like last night at the gospel choir, there was about 30 people and max 7 where Christians. Tomorrow we have to perform in 2 church services, 9 and 9:45 and then have lunch and games with the youth and families. I love these opportunities to share Jesus with people that don't know him yet.
At our time in Kyoto yesterday I was really saddened by the Shrines. There was so many people there worshipping Buddha; an empty clay idol. They burnt incense, said prayers, banged on the bell and when they left they all looked just as empty as when they came. Earnest prayers are needed for Japan.
I should get going as I still need to have breakfast and spend time with Jesus before our group gets here.
Sending love,
Until next time:)

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