Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watache wa Eva desu (私の名前はエバです)

Well that was a day!

We spent yesterday at Hirano church and it was a full day from 10am-10pm, with a little break in between. We had a pretty sweet summer carnival there though, and only in Japan do they have octopus as the snack at a kids camp! The kids ate like never before, they even had my share since it was either they eat it or I ralph.

The food thing is kind of getting to me,(and Gary) at first your kind of like, "ok, let try this and lets try that" and you can pretend to like it, (try to swallow and try to smile) but then when it's the same meal after meal, tea after tea that's hardly swallowable, it gets kind of old. This is Gary's vent for the day "Sushi in Canada is a joke! They should try to eat sushi here, the only way you can stupid raw fish is by dumping a bunch of wasabe sauce on to kill it!!" LOL. We're really ok though because today we started at Hoshida church and the pastor there has been to America before so he knew what we were going through re food, so he took us to Costco and bought us a Pizza. I felt like hiding a few pieces for the rest of the meals to come.. :)

The ministry is going well, we continue to do drimes, testimonies, skits, games, songs and ESL. Tomorrow is actually our first ESL class that we do by our selves. Actually for the next 2 days we do 4 classes each day.... AAAHHH. So prayer for that would be greatly appreciated. With meeting all these people that speak minimal or no english I'm finding myself speak ESL english where ever I go. Even as I write I feel that in my head I'm speaking ESL english. So my blog writing my go down a notch...:)

Today we tried to teach the children an english song, and we personally felt it was a serious failure, the kids sat there and continued to stare at us, the more we tried to get them to sing the more they stared at "Tall white man and women"! The pastor and parents seemed to think it was the best thing ever! :)

Our team as had a few spill incidents along with human, bicycle accidents ect. But today I out did them all. As our childrens group was leaving I quickly wanted to run upstairs to grab the camera and as came down I decided that it would just be a waste of time to take all the steps. Ok let me explain, the steps are tall and narrow, ok, so as you step onto them you step lower then you are use to and the tips of your toes hang off the step, so yes I lost my footing!!! Slow motion this is how it went. "Oh, I'm falling, ok grab the railing, nope missed the railing, ok put your hand back and land on steps with hands, nope steps are too narrow, ok last resort just fall on your bum and rub your back against each step as you fall down the last 5!!!!! With no breath and a screaming body I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs with every single Japanese person in that church...... I Love Japan!!!

On a different note, we are now staying at a Host home with a lovely old couple who are spoiling us rotten.

Gary is sound asleep so I better get some zzzzzz myself.

Sending love,
Until next time:)


  1. Wow, Eva. That picture of you falling down the stairs makes me laugh. You must be okay. : ) But I have to say as well it sort of reminds me of how I feel right now about trying to get ready to move out of our house in (I'm scared to count how many) weeks. Feels like I'm falling..... but I'm probably not actually. Just trying to keep my head on straight. I'm not sure exactly how it relates to you falling down the stairs... maybe just the screaming part. :D

    Anyway, I will pray for your classes to go well. I know that feeling exactly and hope you don't get discouraged if it doesn't go just how you hope every time. That's just life and ministry and teaching. (As I'm sure you know.) But anyway, I'll be praying against any discouragement for you!!! : )

  2. Thanks Melissa, I totally know how you feel like your falling. I felt like that the whole 2 months as I was cleaning out our house. Now I just did the litteral.:) Thanks for your prayers, totally need them as I'm sure you know. I pray for strength as you go through the next couple months and on from there, much love and Blessings! Glad you had a chuckle!:)

  3. I don't think I could do all the are brave! You guys sound very busy and we will continue to pray for energy admist all of the heat. Pray God will reveal himself to you today through your classes and be showered with blessings. You have such a huge heart and it is so encouraging to see. Keep writing we will keep reading!