Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jesus loves us!

I have 6 minutes before I need to be down stairs ready to go!!

Things are going well for us. I'm slowly getting use to the heat, all the people and chaos. Gary on the other hand says there is no such thing as getting use to this heat! But says he'll get over it!

We continue to be busy with ministry every day, if we're not at a church then we are somewhere planning for the next event. It is very evident that God is working in the people's lives here. We have already made good friends. In Amagasaki we met some wonderful people, my favorite were 2 70yr old men. They were awesome. They loved joking around and just hanging out with us, but what really got to me was how hungry they were for God's word. They are both not Christians but they are really searching and asked lots of questions. They were wondering how they knew that Jesus loved them!? And how could they know that there sins were forgiven ect. I felt honored to share somethings with them, but at the same time felt as though they should be teaching me with all the years of knowledge they have behind them. We call the one guy Fish, (thats what his Japanese name means) and Gary calls the other guy Japanese Elvis! We will remember them in our prayers in hope that we will soon hear good news!

Well it looks like I have gone 3 minutes over my time. We have a full day at Hirano church today.

I'm amazed at how God is working through our drimes. People love them and it brings them to tears, doing another 2 today.

Thanks to everyone who is praying for us.

I found out I have a very special reader following my blog, Thanks Dad Cool. I love YOU! Your the best Dad in law ever!

Until next time!

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  1. Oh the heat! I would not survive there! I'm so happy to hear that people in Japan have a hunger to know Jesus...it is so hopeful. I'm really enjoying hearing about everything and wishing I could talk to you guys in person about it...but only a month more and we'll see y'all here again before you go off to school.