Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 30, Gretna Day 1


Finally after what felt like 2 months of packing and then 3 days of absolute chaos, we left for Calgary yesterday at 5:15pm. It was so hard for me to leave, the last couple weeks had been so busy that I hadn’t had time to just reflect and breathe, so when all was said and done and we had our suit cases in the car and all our stuffed packed. I stood in our empty house and took a deep breath and the flood gate opened. I bawled! I felt like anything I had ever known was gone.... After a good cry I re-focused on what lay ahead and was reminded that the rewards of what God has planned for us would be far greater then all those material possessions I had just given up. Then the excitement kicked in and we were off!:)
Big Thank you to my sister in law Susie and friend Lisa who drove us. It was good to get some good sleep in before our flight at 6:30 this morning. Since we had to get up at 4:30 to leave for the airport at 5am, we were super tired which meant that we both slept on our flight to Winnipeg.
Once in Winnipeg we were greeted by smiling MBMSIer,,, And the journey of “unfamiliarism” began. We were so thank full that the rest of the leaders we scheduled to arrive at supper and that we had free time in the afternoon, in which we had an awesome nap.
At 6pm we had a delicious bon fire and roasted Hot Dogs, which followed with intro’s.... I already love all the people here. Then worship, which is always my favorite. Spending time with God. We talked about what it is in life that we love more than God, or whether we like or love Jesus, and how we have felt unworthy through this whole process of getting ready for this trip. Both Gary and I felt that we had felt unworthy so many times, of the support from everyone and even felt unworthy that God would choose us. We were reminded of how unworthy Peter felt when Jesus filled the disciples boat with fish and how he fell to Jesus’ knee’s but that they were then told, I have given you enough fish to feed your family for a long time know so come and follow me and be fishers of men! What a picture that is! Everything feels so unfamiliar, but no matter where I go, God is always there and always the same... Oh so comforting!

Until next time


  1. Glad to hear you made it there safely. The image of you standing in your empty house crying is exactly what I'm afraid of. But I appreciate your honesty & about the fact that what God has in store is far greater. I need that reassurance right now, as we step forward into missions too.
    I look forward to hearing more! Thinking of you guys.

  2. God be priased you made it there safely and that Eva you found comfort in God's words! Eva God knows and you know what from yesterday I had Candy on the floor and Ant's came and were in it and then I Dumped it on my Bed and then I had to vacuum up all the Ant's All I found was Ant's under my bed under my mattress and I was mad then I started crying then God Calmed me! God Bless you!

  3. Bonnie,

    I feel for you. I hope we will cross paths in our journey.... Praying for you as you start your long journey!

    Thank you for your encouragement. Isn't God totally great. Sorry about your candy and so glad you too find comfort in our Lord!

    Take care,

  4. Oh my Candy is good I had to throw away three pieces But oh well!!